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Summit Painting


Made-Over Mansion Shines Again

The Children’s Museum of Cleveland had set its sights on moving to a historic building nearly 200 hundred years old. While the large building and site would give the museum room to grow, preparing it for occupancy would take a significant amount of preparation.

Switching from the specified semi-gloss paint helped hide the imperfections of the old drywall.

The old walls and woodwork throughout the 40,000-square-foot building, one of the last remaining mansions on Cleveland’s Millionaire’s Row, had seen significant damage while it had sat empty after a foreclosure in 2012. So when the team from Summit Painting came on-site, they knew careful preparation and the use of high-quality products would be critical in taking this project from old to new.

This prep-heavy project demanded a year of work.

Because the walls and woodwork were in such rough shape, with all of the original woodwork coated in bright colors, there was an intense amount of scraping, sanding and prep work behind preparing this project for paint. All told, it would take nearly a year of work. Each of the company’s 25 employees would spend some time on this prep-heavy project, with three crew regulars leading the job.

The painters' input on high-quality paints helped this project shine.

Product selection also was key for this project. In some areas, the team workedwith products known for providing excellent adhesion that would help lock down the older coatings and mask a lot of the destruction the walls and woodwork had seen over the years. In addition, the architect had specified a semi-gloss paint, but after a short time on the job, the crew became concerned that the semi-gloss would simply highlight all the imperfections in those damaged, time-worn walls. Changing the sheen helped the finished product shine.

Decades of peeling paint proved problematic on this job.
The building's original woodwork had been stained in bright colors.

Key Products

  • PPG products
  • Scuffmaster paint