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Team Prestige Painting


Reviving an 1820s Colonial Home

The new owners of this 1820s colonial home had come across a photograph of the property from its heyday. Although the home had been repainted in all white for nearly the past 100 years, the old images showed rich trim around the windows and revealed the brick bases around the columns. They tasked Team Prestige Painting with restoring the house, a focal point within the town’s center, back to its original luster. But decades of wear, and layers of old paint, would make this a tough goal to meet.

Team Prestige was tasked with quality painting that took the home back to its 1820s look.

The biggest challenge on this large job was finding ways to comfortably sand, repair and paint the stately home’s twostory Greek columns. Ultimately the team had to bring in an articulating man lift from which they used Festool sanders and a HEPA vacuum.

The two-story columns demanded heavy scraping and sanding of decades’ worth of paint.

Another significant challenge was removing the thick layers of many years’ worthof paint that were underneath the supports under the columns. Dumond’s Peel Away Paint Remover, an environmentally safe product, helped ease the elbow-grease-heavy process. Team Prestige owner Paul Neuman and two other painters on his crew were able to remove the dated paint and highlight the home’s architectural features with just under two weeks of work.

This home at the center of town was a far cry from its early look.
Dark trim highlights the rich architectural details on this historic home.

Key Products

  • Festool HEPA Vacuum
  • Festool Sanders
  • Dumond Peel Away Paint Remover
  • Benjamin Moore Fresh Start Primer
  • Benjamin Moore Aura Low Lustre Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Aura Semi-Gloss Paint
  • Purcell's Paint & Wallpaper Co.