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Textbook Painting


Tough Walls Are Part of the Workout

The Textbook Painting team was one crucial part of a large-scale renovation at the Black Flag Athletics Gym in Avon, Ohio. Other contractors were busy removing walls, installing new bathrooms and installing new floors, with the expectation that painting work could be scheduled around them. As a result, scheduling and close communication were critical on this job.

As part of a workout routine, this wall had to be able to withstand a little scuffing.

The painters weren’t the only ones who had to withstand certain challenges — the walls had their work cut out for them too. Because Black Flag Athletics is affiliated with CrossFit, the walls are used as part of certain workouts, like wall balls and hand-stand pushups. The team had to make sure the paint could stand up to the abuse of medicine balls being slammed into the wall and feet dragged across the walls during hand-stand pushup workouts.

Branding and durability were important goals for paint on this project.

The Textbook painters designed the main walls around Black Flag’s brand colors using Sherwin Williams tough precatalyzed water-based epoxy for the gym walls. Two thin blue lines were added to mark nine and ten feet off of the ground, giving exercisers a place to aim during wall-ball workouts. The result was a paint job that could help push athletes to the next level of fitness.

The painters added thin blue lines at precisely nine and ten feet up, key measurements used in workouts.

Key Products

  • Sherwin Williams pre-catalyzed water based epoxy
  • Sherwin Williams Pro-Mar 200