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Recreating the Brick that Once Set this Basement Apart

When ARC Painting was approached by a homeowner to “paint the brick to look like brick,” owners Art & Rosanne Courtien agreed to tackle this challenge. The basement’s brick interior walls had been painted white. And while it might seem advantageous to have the natural texture and dimension of underlying brick as the canvas for creating a decorative faux brick look, this also posed one of the job’s biggest challenges.

An earlier paint job had dimmed the character of this brick basement.

Faux brick painting is often done using a large stampato-type template to press onto the surface of the material being painted. In this instance, a template was not an option, due to the random variation of the original brick and mortar walls. As a result, the team had to get creative.

Adding faux brick color to a white brick wall helped these homeowners capture a trendy, NY loft look for their basement.

First, ARC’s crews cleaned the basement’s water damaged areas of efflorescence and primed the walls with Drylok Masonry Waterproofer. Next, the brick walls received a base coat of Benjamin Moore paint in Bone Black to simulate concrete. Several layers of stippling and other techniques created the traditional look of mortar in between the bricks. Because concrete mortar is made up of various stone and materials, it is rarely one solid color. To get a more authentic look, the decorative artists used several grays, blacks and browns, including metallic bronze, to simulate this naturally occurring look.

Recreating the natural color of brick was made challenging by the texture of the actual brick wall.

Once the concrete base was painted, ARC Painting began to “lay” the bricks, one at a time. It took five colors, all courtesy of Benjamin Moore, to create the glazes that would form the brick’s base color. The bricks were then laid one at a time using sponges cut to match the different brick sizes on the walls. An additional five glaze colors were used to weather and age the look of the bricks that had been painted onto the walls, creating a dramatic change in appearance.

The final stage was the application of Modern Masters’ Dead Flat Varnish to the faux brick. This step would help to protect the artwork, as well as to unify and dull the sheen of all the glazes and paints and complete the appearance of aged brick.

With the transformation of the brick complete, ARC Painting worked with the homeowners to select colors to accent the faux brick and mimic the look of a stylish NYC loft. Upon painting the ductwork in a deep charcoal color, the homeowners not only reclaimed the original beauty of the brick basement but added to their home’s unique character.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017