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A Decorative Finish for Every Surface

Kathy Wear was called in to create one-of-a-kind finishes throughout the glamorous new home of a Gallatin, Tenn., client. The homeowner was an avid art collector who wanted unique decorative finishes throughout her home that reflected her strong style and colorful personality.

The fireplace and surrounding columns were finished to mimic limestone.

While the unique finishes she was tasked to create would be challenge enough, Wear was performing this work around the schedules of the other trades working in the same space. Throughout the seven-month project, Wear made it her goal to be the first to arrive and the last to leave as often as possible.

Coffered ceilings and domes were finished in metallic plasters and gold leaf.

Wear worked closely with the home’s designer, Joni Szell, in selecting finishes, but was given free rein to take the design where needed. Finishes ranged from a metallic alligator- style fireplace upstairs to a limestoneinspired columns and fireplace downstairs.

High-gloss Plexiglas helped achieve this gold leaf look.

The great room walls were done in a combination of faux stone and metallic plasters, while the dining room was covered in black Venetian plaster with a pearl wax, with walls in a deep brown, metallic plaster. Among the most interesting challenges was the faux mirrored ceiling in the dining room. The client had her heart set on installing antique mirrors on the ceiling, but they were deemed too heavy. Wear ultimately installed Plexiglas with a high-gloss coating that mimicked the desired look.

Metallic plaster and gold leaf was troweled to create a "fossil" effect.

Behind the desk in the home office, Wear embedded Swarovski crystals in an abstract pattern along the gold wall. The metallic plaster and gold leaf ceiling was troweled to resemble a fossil or geode.

Kathy Wear was given free rein to push decorative finishes in the direction she saw fit.

The result was an absolutely unique home that gave Wear the opportunity to stretch her decorative talents to their fullest extent.

Key Products

  • Metallic plasters
  • Venetian plasters
  • Faux stone plasters
  • Metallic paints
  • Glaze and Swarovski crystals