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Quick-Drying Times Prove Crucial for Speedy Kitchen Transformation

These New York homeowners were running out of time on their current lease, but their new home still needed some significant work. In the last week before the big move, the home was filled with plumbers, electricians, door installers—and the team from Paint Track Painting Services who was working to provide a rapid turnaround on these kitchen cabinets.

Fast-drying paints and primers allowed the painters to apply multiple coats each day and meet the rapid turnaround time.

While the Paint Track team was painting throughout this house, it was the kitchen that posed the biggest challenge. The team had to prep, paint and install hardware on 30 cabinets in approximately three days, while navigating around the other trades on the job site.

The team had just three days to prep and paint 30 cabinets.

The kitchen boasted an open floor plan that the painters first sealed off from the foyer and living room in order to limit access to the kitchen while they were spraying. The team relied on familiar fast-drying products—Insl-x’s Stix Waterborne Bonding primer and PPG’s Break-Through paint—to be able to successfully apply multiple coats of finish each day.

The homeowners wanted a kitchen update before move-in, but gave the painters little time to work.
Sealing this open plan kitchen to keep out dust and traffic from the work being done throughout the home was among the project's chief challenges.



Winner Date: Apr 26, 2017