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Adix Painting


Teamwork Tackles Paint Failure

Pressure washing and bright semigloss trim transformed this worn home.

After completing a homeowner’s massive renovation project on a property in Phoenix, Adix Painting was approached by that same customer about repainting the exterior of their three-story property in Mission Bay, Calif.

Owner Steve Adickes turned to a colleague in the Mission Bay area, John Peek of Peek Brothers Painting in San Diego, to inspect the property. Adickes had gotten to know Peek, a member of PDCA and its Craftsmanship Forum, at PDCA Expos over the years and trusted him to assist on this job.

Work began in June with pressure washing with a bleach/bio-soap mixture. It was only then the pair discovered that paint failure simply covered extensive wood rot and termite damage. The pair ultimately repaired roughly 80 areas of wood rot and termite damage. That included replacing 51 linear feet of fascia board, as well as 50 linear feet of siding with pre-primed wood.

All exposed wood fibers were treated and filled with epoxy wood fillers, then sanded and primed. The siding and other surfaces received two coats of Sherwin - Williams Duration in satin 7668, March Wind. The trim was made bright with a white semigloss.

Semigloss white trim pops against Sherwin - Williams’ March Wind.
Epoxy wood filler was applied to all exposed wood before priming.
Removing peeling paint revealed extensive wood rot and termite damage.

Key Products

  • PPG SEAL GRIP Permanizer Plus Exterior Wood Stabilizer
  • 3M Premium Filler
  • Evercoat Home Fix Universal Repair Filler
  • Dunn-Edwards Ultra-Grip Primer
  • Elastomeric Sealant
  • Liquid Nails Fuze-It
  • Sherwin-Williams Duration Acrylic Paint