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An Eco-Friendly Cabinet Makeover

The stain color was carefully selected to match the newly installed floors.

When ARC Painting & Refinishing was contracted to refinish this kitchen in a darker stain color, it seemed like a traditional project. But there was an unusual request from the clients. The homeowners wanted the doors traditionally stripped, stained and sprayed with clear coat oil-based products, but they required that no toxic chemicals or strippers be used inside the home and that the cabinet bases be refinished only with water-based products.

The challenge was to match the color and finish on all surfaces, even while using different stains and top coats on the removable surfaces and base cabinets. Moreover, the removable pieces would be sprayed, but the bases had to be finished by hand.

The painters layered translucent coats on the bases to let the wood grain show through. Left photo is bases after two coats; right photo is bases after four coats.

The bases became essentially a faux finish project to match the doors. The crew chose to apply multiple highly translucent coats to build the color on the base cabinets. This allowed the actual wood grain of the bases to show through, so that they didn’t look like the finish was “painted on” when compared with the stripped and stained doors.

New hinges replaced many broken door hinges and were repositioned as needed.
No toxic chemicals could be used inside the home.

Key Products

  • Mohawk Stains and Lacquer
  • General Finishes Enduro-Var Water-Based Urethane Topcoat
  • Enduo-var RTM (Ready to Match) Water-Based Stain
  • High-Performance Topcoat