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Painting a Prestigious Phoenix Home

The first-floor windows were brushed with three coats of a black, washable, low-sheen paint.

Brassberrys Painting & Coating was asked to paint the interior of a 1922 adobe home adjacent to the prestigious Phoenix Country Club. At its heart, the scope included painting for 70 percent of the interior plaster walls, wood ceilings, and newly installed clad windows and doors, as well as some built-in millwork and touch-ups to painted concrete floors.

This being a historic structure, there were challenges to prep and product selection. For starters, certain prep work had to be done in accordance with the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. In addition, the team was tasked with matching finishes from old oils, lacquers and water-based products used across multiple restorations performed over the past 90 years. The interior plaster walls and window returns were particularly large, and it was hard to maintain a consistent finish with the existing plaster. Some of the existing wood ceilings showed multiple issues that had to be addressed during prep.

The paint crew’s warm palette helped an out of state new owner create a welcoming home.

The crews used multiple finishes and sheens from Dunn-Edwards throughout the home’s interior. The walls and ceilings required several different types of rollers to achieve specific finishes. For the windows, the owner wanted a black, washable, low-sheen paint on the first floor and white paint on the second floor. Spraying was not an option in either case. The crew brushed on primer followed by three topcoats, with light sanding in between each coat.

Working on the theory that they would be back to paint the entire exterior the following year, the crew also primed and painted plaster repairs around the recently retrofit doors and windows. They also patched some portions of parapet caps due to potential wall leaks.

Because the homeowner was out of state, the crew provided constant documentation of project progress—and were trusted to receive shipments of furniture, art and personal belongings as they completed the project.

Brassberrys Painting proved up to the challenge of creating a consistent finish with the existing plaster.
The recently replaced windows needed updated trim to match.

Key Products

  • Zinsser Cover Stain Primer
  • Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer
  • Rust-Oleum X-I-M Advanced Technology UMA Bonder and Primer
  • Dunn-Edwards EFF-Stop Primer
  • Dunn-Edwards Evershield 10 Exterior Paint
  • Dunn-Edwards Aristoshield Water-Based Paint
  • Dunn-Edwards Suprema 10, 20, 30 Interior Paint
  • Dunn-Edwards GE Endura-Patch