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The Cinderhouse’s Fantastic Feature Wall

The faux leather finish shone on opening night.

Atrendy new restaurant was opening in The Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis, and the project architects and designer had a specific look in mind for a hand-plastered feature wall. Unfortunately, the team also insisted on a specific product to achieve that look—but their budget did not allow for the preferred applicator charges that went along with the particular plaster.

Decorative painter Beth Warnecke of Classic Creations Painting was called in to replicate the beautiful and very particular finish using her own specialty methods and products. The delicate work needed to be durable and commercial-grade, since it was going into a very busy restaurant. Most importantly, it needed to stay within the budget.

The final faux leather finish, all put together.
Classic Creations was tasked with transforming new construction drywall into a faux leather finish.

The vision was for a hand-plastered feature wall that mimicked the look of faux leather in a very custom color blue that matched the overall theme of the space, including its granite, textiles, furniture, light fixtures and wallpaper. To achieve that vision, Warnecke began with two different kinds of plaster that helped create the depth and illusion of worn leather. Next, she applied a dark basecoat followed by a darker metallic plaster with heavy texture. Finally, she layered on a custom-tinted blue plaster, tightly troweled and subsequently burnished to allow the linear movement to telescope through. The result was the dramatic illusion of shiny, worn leather.

The plaster wall was covered with a dark basecoat then a darker metallic plaster.
A closeup of the texture and movement created.

Key Products

  • Faux Effects LusterStone
  • Metallic Plaster
  • DuRock SmoothRock in Polished Stone