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Wine Cellar Transports Artist to French Countryside

The homeowner wanted to celebrate his favorite wine with a mural inspired by the label.

Colkett Painting was tasked with designing and painting a fitting mural for the wall of a homeowner’s private wine cellar. The subject was the villa and surrounding landscape of the historic French vineyard Chateau Lafite Rothschild, which produces some of the most sought-after French wines.

Company owner Michael Colkett began with a Google map to get a sense of the subject matter. He found himself challenged in finding the right angle to make the mural as accurate as possible. Ultimately, Colkett used five views of the surrounding area to compile a single visual reflective of that area of Bordeaux, France.

After making a rough sketch for size and to gain the customer’s approval, Colkett worked with crew member Cynthia Back to transfer the drawing onto the wall. The mural would stand seven feet wide within the trompe l’oeil stones by five feet high. The pair painted away with Golden acrylic paints for three days to transport the client to the French countryside.

The crew was able to project some of the details of an early sketch onto the wall.

Colkett and Back began by painting the base in a warm yellow and applied a slight texture to the area that would become the trompe l’oeil stone wall. Colkett made a projection of the outlines of the chateau onto glace paper and taped it to the wall for the client to approve the size. Once approved, the crew drew the outlines onto the base color. They were able to project some of the detail, but not all as the projection would distort the image out of level at the sides.

The client loved the result and offered to the painters the ultimate compliment: a bottle of his favorite Lafite Rothschild wine.

Golden acrylic paints brought this mural to life within three days.
The trompe l’oeil stone wall was added to ground the mural as a window.

Key Products

  • Golden acrylic paints
  • Golden molding paste