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A Bold and Trending Kitchen

A new desk area extends the bold blue beyond the kitchen.

After all the crisp white and gray kitchens Craine Painting has transformed, it was a refreshing change of pace to tackle a modern kitchen with a trendy navy color scheme.

“I’ve wanted to do a navy kitchen for a few years and was lucky enough to be able to do so here for some awesome clients with great style,” says company owner Michael Craine.

Of course, getting to the job would prove to be challenging. The bold project was about an hour away from the company location, which became a transportation challenge when Wisconsin got subzero temperatures and a foot of snow. Luckily, the team plowed through and met the budgeted time.

This kitchen went from traditional to trendy.

Craine, with help from crew members Kyle Hefty and Amanda Goulart, started the prep process with a thorough cleaning, then protected the area with plastic Zip - Walls. There was a hefty amount of sanding to do to prepare the cabinet bases and new upper doors. Finally, they were ready to prime the surfaces with Zinsser B-I-N, tinted light gray for better color coverage.

Before painting, the team drilled holes for the new 10-inch brass pulls. Next, it was time to spray. It seemed simple enough, until the crew’s trusty spray gun developed an issue that led to a couple of unsightly runs. The mess was embarrassing, but fixable, and incentive to upgrade to an Apollo 7500 spray gun.

New brass pulls from Restoration Hardware pop against a Hale Navy color scheme.

The selected color was M.L. Campbell Agualente PLUS Satin Pre-Cat tinted to Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy for the cabinets, new upper doors and the new desk area. After that, the crew refreshed the ceiling and walls in Sherwin-Williams CHB and Duration in matte. The result was a bold kitchen with stately style.

Key Products

  • ZipWalls
  • Zinsser B-I-N primer, tinted light gray for better color coverage
  • M.L. Campbell Agualente PLUS Satin Pre-Cat tinted to Benjamin Moore Hale Navy
  • Sherwin-Williams CHB and Duration
  • Apollo 7500 spray gun