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The Phoenix: From Fire to New Finishes

The master bathroom and bedroom had been destroyed by fire, giving the artist freedom to explore a new palette.

When a home was struck by lightning, suffering severe smoke and water damage, the owners turned to their long time decorative painting contractor to repair the damage. Gary Lord Wall Options and associates had done decorative painting on many of the walls and ceilings in this home over the past decade. Their work was now 10 years old and the damage seemed to be a sign to start new with something fresh.

The stained woodwork throughout the home was the first thing the client wanted changed and the crew based all other selections on that. The first step was to spray the woodwork with B-I-N Shellac to arrest the smoke odor. Next, they applied a custom-made silver metallic paint with a soft Asphaltum glaze, then sealed it with two coats of varnish.

By using the great room’s existing finish and incorporating it into the new texture created a better look and saved money.

The walls posed something of a challenge. Many of the walls throughout the house had textured finishes, leaving the contractor with the question of how to combine the existing texture with something new. More challenging yet, the damaged walls were replaced with smooth surfaces that needed to be blended into the textured areas. This required a lot of time with designer Jennifer Dumoulin to create a new finish that met the client’s taste while seamlessly melding these different areas.

The existing stairway wall texture was also incorporated into the new finish that uses plaster with mica flakes and glitter.

The kitchen, on the other hand, presented an opportunity. The designer and client estimated a cost of $150,000 to tear out their cabinets and install new. Yet Gary Lord was able to paint all the stained kitchen cabinets with a multilayered gray finish that transformed the room at a cost of 25% of that bid. Those savings alone allowed for more finishes. For example, the dining room walls. Those walls had a LusterStone tissue paper finish, and the crew applied Palette Deco over the wall with a wall roller to create a new texture that benefited from the tissue paper. Over that, they applied a glaze with glitter for a sophisticated update. The ceiling received a white onyx treatment. The work continued through the main entry, master suite and music room, with jawdropping style ranging from glitter glass to Venetian plaster techniques.

Key Products

  • B-I-N Shellac
  • Varnish Plus
  • Sherwin-Williams paint
  • Palette Deco
  • Galaxy Stone
  • LusterStone
  • Venetian Gem
  • Faux Effects FauxCreme