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Maryville Center for Children

Bright colors make the healthcare center more welcoming for its young patients.

In recognition of its 50th year in business, Hester Painting & Decorating volunteered to paint the interior of Maryville’s Center for Children in Chicago, which houses the Crisis Nursery and the Children’s Healthcare Center. These two groundbreaking programs provide social services and medical care to children and families in need. A team of 47 painters and management staff, led by senior project manager Jim Guthrie, organized the project to give the interior a new look on an incredible timeline.

The work included painting fun, bright colors along all the walls and ceilings in the newly built entrance lobby, the dining area, a few meeting rooms and the office corridors, as well as all the doors and frames.

A team of 47 volunteers brightened this healthcare project in only two days.

Using the donation of 50 gallons of paint from Sherwin Williams, as well as sundries from Calumet Paint & Wallpaper and Benjamin Moore, the team got to work—fast. In fact, there were only two days to complete the work, including dry-time coordination, and it was important that the volunteers not disrupt the ongoing work in the facility. As a result, coordinating the timing of the work done by so many painters and volunteers was a challenge.

From left, Jeff Hester, vice president and owner; Steve Hester, president and owner; and Jim Guthrie, senior project manager, pose with children who benefit from the healthcare center.

The kitchen, on the other hand, presented an opportunity. The designer and client estimated a cost of $150,000 to tear out their cabinets and install new. Yet Gary Lord was able to paint all the stained kitchen cabinets with a multilayered gray finish that transformed the room at a cost of 25% of that bid. Those savings alone allowed for more finishes. For example, the dining room walls. Those walls had a LusterStone tissue paper finish, and the crew applied Palette Deco over the wall with a wall roller to create a new texture that benefited from the tissue paper. Over that, they applied a glaze with glitter for a sophisticated update. The ceiling received a white onyx treatment. The work continued through the main entry, master suite and music room, with jawdropping style ranging from glitter glass to Venetian plaster techniques.

Fortunately, this was a familiar challenge. The Hester team is accustomed to large projects and having to work on top of many different trades, so the team was used to navigating a crowded workspace and the need to work around others while focusing on completing their task. Guthrie coordinated the different groups of volunteers into different sections of the facility, creating a seamless work flow and a beautifully finished project.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC interior latex paint