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Restoring a Community Icon

The designer chose a rich color palette that highlighted unique architectural features that had gone unnoticed with earlier colors.

The Admiral Theatre in Bremerton, Wash., was originally built as a movie theater in 1942, then remodeled in the 1990s when it was transformed into a banquet and entertainment venue. Over the years, the historic building had received numerous paint jobs by well-meaning volunteers. When Lyons Painting & Design was brought on-site to modernize this community treasure, the crew found existing coatings well-adhered to one another, over a substrate that had seen its share of abuse.

There was a tight time line to complete the work, as the theater would only be closed for a few months. Yet the first step was a full encapsulation of surfaces so that the crew could perform prep utilizing leadsafety protocol.

Due to the theater’s age, the painters complied with Renovation, Repair and Painting regulations.
The use of metallic paint at the doors and millwork required additional prep time to achieve a suitable finish that wouldn’t magnify surface blemishes.

All walls required a significant amount of work to repair decades of cracking and damage, and previous attempts to fix those issues. A drywall contractor performed this work. However, when the painting contractor came on-site, an inspection revealed that various types of drywall compound had been layered throughout the repair process. This raised concerns about the high potential for delamination. To solve this challenge, the crew utilized a masonry primer that improved the cohesion properties of the drywall mud.

All walls and ceilings were coated with Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 Zero-VOC paints. The trim was first primed with a bonding primer to ensure good adhesion, then the surface was skimmed with a wood filler, sanded smooth and primed again. Once prepped, it was ready to receive the finishing metallic coating system. Last, the painters applied Helmsman Clear Waterborne Polyurethane over all metallic finishes exposed to high traffic to minimize future maintenance costs. In addition, the upper balcony floor received an epoxy finish. To avoid inner coat adhesion problems, the existing floor coating was fully removed and an Arizona Polymer Flooring system was installed.

Richard Batson worked in the spray booth to give the light fixtures a modern face lift. Sierra Performance Beyond Acrylic Enamel updated a previous brass finish.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams ProMar 200 Zero VOC Paint
  • Sherwin-Williams ProIndustrial Precat Epoxy
  • MDC Wallcovering’s LiquaPearl LP1013 and LP1320
  • Arizona Polymers Epoxy Floor System