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English Country Oasis

It took multiple coats of semitransparent stain to restore the dry wood and maintain the look of wood grain.

The 6,110-square-foot home and detached garage had been built in 2006 — and in 2018, it still sported its original gray paint and cedar trim and soffits. The home was well overdue for a repaint. The cedar had become dry and bare on the weathered, sunny side of the home. The homeowner wanted to freshen up the look of the home with a Navajo White color scheme, which was a significant color change. Without stripping all of the tongueand- groove soffits, they wanted graystained areas to be stained brown while maintaining the visibility of the wood grain.

The Martinson Painting crew began by cleaning and pressure washing the home; they then scraped off the loose paint. The crew took the time to thoroughly cover the like-new cedar roof and took care to be gentle when walking on it. Next, the crew stripped and sanded the garage doors, posts and beams to restore them before applying a semitransparent stain. The board and batten siding was primed and painted and the shingles were stained, both in Navajo White. Because the board and batten had been previously painted, it was relatively easy to cover with Duration acrylic paint.

Over 12 years, painted cedar had become dry and bare on the weathered side of the home.
It took repeated coats of stain to restore the dry wood.

The shakes that were previously stained gray with a semi-transparent stain took a little more work. The Martinson Painting crew ended up using a semi-transparent oil to achieve the desired look. The crew also applied a semi-transparent stain to the garage doors. Meanwhile, for an attractive look on the cedar, the crew had to apply several coats to restore the dry wood.

The crew stripped and sanded the garage doors before applying a semi-transparent stain.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Woodscapes Acrylic solid in Navajo White
  • Sherwin-Williams Duration Acrylic Flat Paint in Navajo White and Shagbark
  • Sherwin-Williams Emerald Acrylic Satin Paint
  • Sherwin-Williams Superdeck Oil-Based Semitransparent Stain in Charwood