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A Landscaped Residence Exterior

A wide range of substrates and ornamentation demanded slow, detailed work.

The Mazzucco residence is a multilevel Mediterranean-styled Spanish roof-tiled home. The homeowner brought on the MTS Painting team to paint the home’s heavily landscaped walls, a gazebo, basement wells, basement well grates and stucco border fencing. This was a wide range of substrates, including a heavy skip-troweled stucco texture, accented pop-outs, an exposed sheathing overhang, rough-sawn wood fascias, precast concrete columns and ornate balcony wrought iron.

One of the chief job challenges was the landscaping. The close-grown landscaping along the walls made the site difficult to access. In addition, the second - story access took the team over brittle roof tile. Moreover, there was a wide range of intricate surface to mask: brittle 3-car garage door plastic window inserts, numerous arched and standard windows, and Saltillo tile stripes. Knowing the masking would not easily hold on this porous substrate, the team got quickly to work.

The crew began with masonry and stucco repairs, followed by stucco texture repairs and blending.

quickly to work. The four-person crew, James Akers, Leo Maldonado, Gerald Mitchell and Brian Nance, started the job with a thorough pressure-washing to clean the surfaces before diving into some serious repairs. They provided hand tooling as needed, with some masonry and stucco repairs, followed by stucco texture repairs and blending. They also retaped the drywall ceiling and reapplied texture and replaced the garage door weather-stripping trim. The crew applied an elastomeric coating on wood fascia voids and cracking. They opted for an airless spray application priming to address heavy chalkiness, spot rust priming and proper film thickness for the topcoats. A fine finish spray was applied to the doors and balcony railing. A thorough final touch-up painting and cleanup of the property ultimately led to a well-satisfied customer, as evidenced by a great review and a very satisfying profitability report.

Accessing substrates behind heavy landscaping proved challenging.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint
  • SealKrete Original Masonry Sealer
  • Sherwin-Williams All Surface Enamel
  • Dunn-Edwards Elasto-kote Caulk
  • Gardner-Gibson Blackjack Permanent Patch
  • PPG Pitt-Flex Brushable Patch