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A Second Round of Basketball at the YMCA

A two-color paint scheme lent some sharp contrast to this YMCA basketball court.

NSide Out revisited the Colorado Springs, Colo., YMCA that it had painted two years previously. Owner Nathaniel Rogers was pleased to be called back to now paint both the small and large basketball gyms. The two gyms were separate, connected only by an open area above where a running track surrounded both gyms.

Unlike the bright 12-color palette previously used for this Y, this job featured two colors: gray along the walls and black on all the rails, doors, and the soffit beneath the running track.

The cinderblock walls had a glossy finish, and Rogers initially planned to apply an extreme bond primer first. But on the advice of his Sherwin-Williams rep, the team applied Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy in semi-gloss directly on the walls. After letting it cure, they tested it by scratching at it and applying multiple strips of tape on it for several days. It held up and bonded well.

The glossy cinderblock walls allowed the crew to test firsthand the bond strength of Sherwin-Williams ProIndustrial Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy.

The team followed up with an extreme bond primer and Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel semi-gloss on all the rails, doors, and door frames. The last step was spraying the soffits under the running track with Pro 200 in flat black.

There was one more difference that made this job go smoother than the previous work done on the YMCA—the vast majority of the work could be done during the day. Not that this job was without challenges. Although both gyms were closed for 10 days for work, the team pushed for 12-hour shifts in order to speed work along. After the big gym was completed, they began after-hours work in the small gym for the next week. Rogers pushed through days of sickness to help crew members Alejandro Jaramillo, Floyd Hearn, Casey Widemer and Trevas Kessack finish out the project.

Soffits beneath the running track were sprayed with Sherwin-Williams Pro 200 in flat black, while the railings got a black semi-gloss spray.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy
  • Sherwin-Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel
  • Sherwin-Williams Pro 200