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GT Resort Governor's Hall

It took round-the-clock work to take the conference center entryways from dated to sleek and sophisticated. The “before” photo is upper-right; “after” photo is above.

The Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, MI, is home to Northern Michigan’s largest meeting and event space, the 19,000-square-foot Governor’s Hall. The venue has hosted such prestigious events as the National Governors Association Conference. The resort owner decided a renovation would sharpen the look of the venue.

The resort called in National Coatings to remove the existing wallcovering and replace it with an updated product. Yet the crew was faced with a twofold challenge: not enough manpower and not enough time. The job needed to be complete in 24 days, start to finish, with no allowance for an extension. They simply didn’t have enough local manpower to install 3,000 square yards of vinyl wallcovering in the amount of time given.

To keep to the deadline, some of the company’s other office locations sent workers to help with wallcovering installation and painting. In addition, they partnered with Bouma Corp. to repair the damages that occurred from removing the vinyl wallcovering.

The Governor’s Hall had hosted big events in its heyday. A fresh new look prepared this venue for even bigger things. The “before” photo is to the right; the “after” photo is above.

The story behind that damage was yet another complication. Because the entire site was being used by other subcontractors up until the time National Coatings arrived onsite, it was impossible to do any early testing to see how the vinyl wallcovering would come off the walls. Because of this, the crew had to go into removing the vinyl wallcovering with a lot of caution since they did not know how the walls would look once it was removed. After the wallcovering was removed, the crew patched all damaged areas of the drywall. They then sanded, primed and sized the wall in preparation for paint and wallcovering. The round-the-clock work from 11 painters and helpers finally paid off with a successfully completed project.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams semi-gloss paint
  • Wallcoverings