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Nick Slavik

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New Life for Historic Victorian Home

“We did what we're best at: seeing to every need of the clients, while practicing traditional application techniques and abiding by all RRP lead laws,” says company owner Nick Slavik.

This home, one of only a few surviving historical homes in New Prague, Minnesota, sits on a prominent hill overlooking the town’s main street. Thousands of people drive by each day, adding one more reason for the team at Nick Slavik Painting & Restoration Co. to ensure the repaint let this Victorian home shine.

The painting crew began by prepping the home in accordance with the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, and removing loose paint delicately so as to not disturb the original wood. Next, they massaged the wood into good shape, primed all bare wood, caulked areas that needed attention and applied two coats of high-quality exterior paint by hand.

Crews removed loose paint delicately to preserve the original wood.
Proper priming and two coats of paint helped restore this historic home.

Key Products

  • Personal safety gear
  • Carbide scrapers
  • Zinsser primers
  • Benjamin Moore topcoats
  • Sherwin-Williams topcoats
  • Wooster brushes
  • Purdy brushes
  • Werner ladders