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Exterior Cedar Shingle Restoration

A switch from oil-based to waterborne stain is expected to keep this finish bright in color.

This massive home had been originally stained with an oil-based exterior stain. When it was restained several years later, the painting contractor followed suit with yet another oil-based stain. So it was no wonder that over time the cedar shingles had seen extensive black mildew growth across the surface. The homeowners had also noticed that the stain looked rich and light in color in the first year it was applied but had turned increasingly darker every year after. The homeowners wanted to freshen up the stain color and find a solution that would prevent the stain from darkening in color over time.

Paint Track Painting Services had a ready solution. They recommended removing the stain from the entire house and applying a waterborne stain product that would not only provide great UV resistance and color retention, but would also prevent the growth of black mildew, which is more common on oil stain.

Thorough sanding gave the decking a new life as well.
With the original stain, the homeowners saw their home’s bright siding darken over time.

The team began with extensive pressure washing, carefully managing the process as they were dealing with shingles that had become extremely dry and brittle due to exposure to the elements. The crew members—Sergio Rodriguez, Albert Elyjiw, Jamie Martinez and David Maldonado—spent a full week removing the stain and neutralizing the shingles to bring down the pH to return them to their original color. After several days of dry time, the cedar shingles were given a color that will last.

The four crew members cleaned the shingles, then removed the original finish and finally neutralized the cedar siding.
The tedious process of removing the old stain was critical to securing a lasting final color.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Benjamin Moore Remove Finish Remover
  • Benjamin Moore Brighten Brightener and Neutralizer
  • Waterborne Stain