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Salcines Park Wall Restoration

The mural upon the completed wall is a fresh Tampa landmark.

Salcines Park sits at the gateway of West Tampa, one of the oldest neighborhoods within the Tampa city limits. A main focus point from the park is the wall of the old West Tampa Department Store that was demolished to make way for the park. On this wall, local children painted a mural depicting local residents and businesses. Over the years the wall fell into disrepair and decay. But as this once vibrant district has garnered renewed appreciation for its history and culture, and new investment in its buildings, the city decided to restore the wall and create a new mural to showcase West Tampa’s famous faces and places.

The city contracted with Shepard Contractors to restore the wall for a new mural. There were a number of strategic challenges to address in planning. For starters, the West Tampa Historic District had a spot on the National Register of Historic Places, a recognition that places stringent requirements on renovation projects. Yet, the wall was in rough shape. Upon inspection and testing, Shepard Contractors found that the old stucco was falling off, the wall beneath was crumbling, and a small tree was growing out of the wall. The team determined that due to the condition of the substrate, the best course would be to repair the substrate, install lath and stucco, and apply an acrylic sealer and top coats.

A tree growing out of the wall was an early indicator the wall would need extensive repairs.
Scaffolding and wire lath sit ready for stucco.

Shepard Contractors worked closely with the city of Tampa to coordinate the work. Because the area immediately adjacent to the wall is a busy local gathering place, the contractor determined that the best bet was a safety plan that included tubular scaffolding and safety barriers along the work site. Next, they set out to pressure clean the wall and treat it to remove the existing mildew and fungus. The small tree was removed, and the loose wall areas were repaired. Finally, Shepard crews installed new wire lathing and stucco. After letting the stucco properly cure, the wall was sealed with Sherwin-Williams Loxon Masonry Sealer and painted with two top coats of Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint.

Artist Michelle Sawyer at work.

Finally, artists Michelle Sawyer and Tony Krol went to work to create a new mural. The wall was dedicated on December 8, 2018, at a ceremony featuring many Tampa leaders and dignitaries.

Key Products

  • Wire lath and stucco
  • Sherwin-Williams Loxon sealer
  • Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint