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3RD Gen Painting and Remodeling

Madison, WI

Fit for a Queen

The finished project cuts a stunning figure against the backdrop of sky and grass.

Getting an interior project done on short notice is a challenge, but it doubles when you have to depend on the weather to cooperate as well. A Queen Anne-style Victorian home(which combines two queens in one) wanted to get Her Majesties’ exterior updated with a fresh coat of paint in a new color scheme and replace some carpentry work as well. “3rd Gen’s painters were in a race against the clock to complete this massive historic restoration on time and within budget,” said company coowner Andre Kazimierski. The crew foreman had to contend with the Wisconsin rainy season trying to wash out his schedule.

They sacrificed evenings and weekends to meet the deadline head on. On sunny days, the foreman posted up to three and a half crews at the jobsite to take advantage of the good weather. “Also, we set up a dry tent workspace in the backyard and deployed two of our master carpenters during inclement weather days to replace multiple areas of wood rot and perform the custom woodwork needed for some of the more intricate replacement areas,” said Andre.

After a week of EPA-certified preparation work, they applied a full coat of PrimeRX Peel Bonding leveling primer on the heavily peeling south- and westfacing areas of the home. Again, said Kazimierski, the painters and carpenters put in extra time to meet the target date and get the house ready for topcoats.

As they packed up for the final time, they realized all their hard work had paid off – not only with a TOP JOB award, but with the satisfaction of rising to the occasion and presenting the homeowner with a job well done. “No doubt the extra time taken to perform the intricate detail work on the home’s decorative soffit areas, and the extra care taken to caulk and seal cracks in the siding, was well worth the effort in this fantastic historic exterior transformation,” said Kazimierski.

Her Majesties would be pleased.

The house before the project.
Doors, before and after
A look around back.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap Visualizer Paint Color Tool
  • Sherwin-Williams PrimeRX Peel Bonding Primer
  • Sherwin-Williams Exterior SuperPaint
  • Graco Airless Paint Sprayers and Paint Sprayer Tips