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Adix Painting

Phoenix, AZ

Here Comes the Sun

Hittin’ the roof on a hot day.

Steven Adickes had worked on this same house several years ago, and this time he was called to doctor a failed elastomeric coating over its south side, where the blazing Arizona sun had desecrated the surface. “The owner had this home built 18 years ago and had a problem keeping a consistent color on the synthetic stucco,” said Adickes. While the coating was still sound on most of the structure, an adhesion test had revealed a complete coating failure on the south walls, so he came prepared to prep.

There were a few other obstacles, including painting around a cat and dog kennel on some elevated areas, dealing with failing stucco on the stem wall in a garden area, and recoating faded roof vents and aluminum flashing.

He started off by repairing the imperfections in the stucco, blending them to match using Sto synthetic stucco. Then he covered the plants and dialed up his pressure washer to 4,000 psi. He then spent 16 hours removing failed coatings from the south side. Next, he cleaned the sound stucco on the other three sides and applied a bonding primer on the original synthetic stucco surfaces. Before painting the stem well, he scraped it and repaired it with Rapid-Set mortar repair, then primed it with Dry-Loc and SuperLoc before repainting.

Adickes worked with the homeowner to try out some of the new hues, recently approved by the homeowner’s association, by applying samples to the west side of the house. A green-based sample that looked great on the color chart pretty much swallowed up the nearby desert plant life, so they decided to repaint with the original color, DunnEdwards Zemo’s Way.

After testing and applying DunnEdwards Super-Loc bonding primer on the stucco surfaces, he applied two topcoats. They matched the roof tile color, and after yet more prep, he sealed all the vents with Seal-Krete and painted them as well. Adickes has never been one to shy away from extensive prep or taking his time to get paint into a hardto-access area, and it paid off with a job well done.

Adix protected these walls from the sun’s onslaught.
Damage like this took some special prep work.

Key Products

  • Dunn-Edwards Super-Loc bonding primer
  • Sto synthetic stucco
  • Urethane caulks
  • Dunn-Edwards Sparta Shield
  • Dunn-Edwards Aristoshield