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AH Painting

North Attleboro, MA

Cool for School

The painters provided a face-lift for this previously faded map.

If the kids don’t like something, they’re not shy about telling you, so that’s the first stumbling block in painting an elementary school – pleasing the harshest critics. But the grownups pay the bill, so they get the choice; Hampden Meadows Elementary in Barrington, Rhode Island, provided AH Painting with specifications for the school’s asphalt playground and basketball court.

Doing outdoor work on horizontal surfaces is challenging, especially on asphalt, especially when applying a darker color, especially with the temptation of outdoor play equipment, and especially because the mercury was dropping. AH took the job late in the season, at a time in New England when you never know whether the weather will let you get to work or not. Temperatures were getting down to 40 – plus there was that timeand-money factor – the school was very specific, dare we say energetic, in its request to make sure the job was done on time and on budget.

There was one more challenge, come to think – foot traffic. Painting a playground for kids demands a product that holds up. “Working with our paint supplier, we were able to find the best options in materials to make the playground the optimal surface for the kids,” said company owner Jake Crowley. Having the right products helped them make sure the color was right and helped them complete the work on time. Now, last one on the seesaw’s a rotten egg!

The company’s experience with Turf Tech has led them to use it more often.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Turf Tech