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Arlene McLoughlin Murals

Massapequa, NY

Bringing Church Home

The project was not only intricate, but covered a lot of square feet.

Based in the New York area, Arlene McLoughlin has over 25 years’ experience creating some amazing transformations through faux wood graining, decorative ceilings, refined chinoiserie, realistic marbling and much more. She’s done some extensive traveling in order to increase her knowledge of the arts through cultural exploration and immersion, and it came in handy for this project, which was installed on a surface created especially for it. Her client, originally from a small village in Sicily, had a ceiling built specifically so he could bring the design and feel from his hometown church to America.

There was a lot of planning before the painting. “I designed the artwork based on photos using factory stencils, freehand sketches and my own ideas,” she said. “The job was massive in every aspect of the word. The ceiling in question ran the full length of the home and it was 25 feet high. My husband, a helper and I plotted the design with a laser lever. We ran grid lines that we snapped with chalk, then we plotted the design with tape – we wanted to create a design that appeared perfect.”

The test of skill in this project was to make the design look symmetrical even though all the arches didn’t necessarily line up. “All the design aspects were symmetrical, so we had to fake some of the lines by bending them slightly so that visually everything was in line,” said McLoughlin. Once they got started, they used four separate scaffolds in order to expedite the project. The results speak for themselves. “This job took 10 days with three people,” she said. “I consider it my greatest creative achievement.”

Safe scaffolding was a must on this project.
A look at the ceiling detail.
McLaughlin preps behind the mask.

Key Products

  • Stencils, lasers, glaze, pencils and chalk.