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Columbus, OH

Key Products: Oreo Cookies

After much soul searching, painter and designer agreed on a geode design.

The Parade of Homes is an annual event which showcases architecture and design across Central Ohio. Decorative painter Antje Zwink, who moved to Columbus from Dresden, Germany, in 2002, has been a longtime contributor. “This was the first year where I worked on two houses, installing several decorative paint treatments, which resulted in a very long 30 days with long hours and not one single day off,” she said. “Needless to say, it was mentally as well as physically demanding, but I am very proud of the end results. Many people walked up to me and couldn’t believe that it was just paint and plaster.” That gave her an opportunity to educate people on faux finishing and to change the perception that it’s old news.

Sometimes the jobs presented her with less than stellar conditions. “Working on a Parade of Homes house always means unpredictable and often very tight time frames, no water, no light, and working next to or on top of many other contractors,” she said. “Base coats or areas might not be done when promised, or one has to stop because another trade has to have access.”

The key is to be flexible: Work where and when you can and communicate with the other trades. “I bring pails of water with me daily as well as all my products and tools so that I am able to move to another area if needed,” she says. “I now also own a battery-operated light just in case a power outage strikes.” Rounding that out – lots of Oreo cookies and an appointment with a massage therapist.

In the master bathroom, the designer wanted to balance out a simple tile and cabinet design with a high impact effect on the walls. Zwink set to work, but the hardest part was finding just that right concept to make a splash. Then, voila! “When I explored creating the look of geodes and shared the sample with my designer, it was immediately clear this was the direction we wanted to go,” she said. “I first started by laying out the pattern onto all the walls by chalking it out. Then I used plaster and shaped it to create lines and the organic patterns of geodes.” From there, she added more layers of plaster, coloring it with several tones of glaze and some liner work to add black and gold metallic to complete the finish. “There was a day when I was literally locked in the bathroom because contractors were laying the wood floors in the rest of the house and no one was allowed to walk on it,” she said. Finally, they let her out, with instructions to tread carefully.

Before, in the bath.
Zwink spent a day locked in here while the flooring was put in outside.

Key Products

  • Faux Effects SetCoat, Venetian Gem, Softex, Sparkle Coat
  • Modern Masters Metallics