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Brick City Painting & Drywall

Columbia, MO

The Sporting Life

It’s been a good year for Chad Jeffries and his company, Brick City Painting & Drywall. Brick City was featured in APC’s Jobsite of the Month and was the first company profiled in the “Business Anatomy” video series introduced by the Painting Contractors Association. It makes sense that this forward-looking business would paint up a TOP JOB as well.

The crew of this Mexico, Missouribased company made the 45-mile drive south to Columbia to take on the newly built Columbia Sports Fieldhouse. To use a sporting analogy, both won. “This project was comprised of lots of structural steel, drywall and railings. It was a large project that required painting the structure only. Most similar projects would encompass coating the entire ceiling with dryfall,” said Jeffries.

But they weren’t the only people on the job – the roof was going in on top. “This posed some problems, as we were no longer able to spray due to white insulation next to the structural steel,” said Chad. “At that point we did lots of papering for the spraying that we could do, along with plenty of extra brushing and rolling.”

Painting under an in-progress roof installation made safety protocol especially important – for example anyone in a lift was fitted with a harness. It was a good opportunity for the crew to put its OSHA training to use, from the painters themselves up to the job supervisor whose task it was to make sure they were in compliance. “This project required employees with Lift Operator Certifications, and exceptional spraying and brush skills were vital.”

And, of course, there was a deadline. This was a civic project, funded by taxes along with Parks and Recreation, and the city of Columbia wanted it ready for an already-scheduled grand opening, so the Brick City crew worked along with various other trades to get it up and running. “The building was long awaited by the public and was announced on the local news stations,” said Jeffries.

The Fieldhouse was ready on time for opening ceremonies.
The crew worked to paint the top of the structure as the ceiling was installed above them at the same time.

Key Products
Sherwin-Williams products:

  • Promar 200 primer and paint
  • DTM Industrial Enamel
  • Kem Kromic Universal Metal Primer