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Craine Painting LLC

Lake Geneva, WI

Lifestyles of the Glazed and Distressed

Craine enjoyed the color scheme picked by the homeowners.

If you were trapped on an island with only three types of coatings, which would you pick? If it was a kitchen island, would that make a difference?

Michael Craine has made a name for himself painting and refinishing cabinets, so it comes as no surprise that his entry would be a unique kitchen makeover featuring powder glazing and distressing. It teaches patience, because the client took almost a year to decide to go ahead with the project, and it teaches working under pressure, since once he started he realized this could be a TOP JOB project and he wanted to get it done in time.

The cabinets had to coordinate with the tile installed, so there was a lot of sampling before the homeowners settled on the color. “They also gave us an awesome side project that entailed giving the front of their island a rustic look on par with one of their decor pieces,” Craine said. “We loved the color choice and it was nice to do. Once they made their color choices, we started our prep.”

The layout of the kitchen presented some access challenges, so it took some creativity to set up the spray booths. They also had to protect multiple openings and skylights from overspray. “After cleaning and sanding, we primed the hickory cabinets with Zinsser B-I-N, coated them with General Finishes Enduro in Dover White and powder glazed with Zenith Axalta Waterborne Powder Glaze. After that, they distressed the cabinets and finished off with a clear coat.

Then it was time to visit the island: for this, they started with General Finishes Milk Paint and followed up with powder glaze. After that, they lightly distressed it to give it an aged look and clear coated with General Finishes Poly. Craine enjoyed the opportunity for some color creativity. “As we primarily spray kitchens white or gray, this was a great change of pace for our team and we really appreciated being able to give the island an artistic touch.”

The “before” photo
Masking and sheeting was a big part of the job.

Key Products

  • Zinsser B-I-N
  • Zenith Axalta
  • General Finishes Enduro
  • General Finishes Milk Paint
  • General Finishes Poly