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Creative Impressions

Mooresville, NC

It’s a Go for Faux

Lighting and faux design combine for stunning effects.

Painting inside with no air conditioning in the Southern summer can be taxing, both on the painters and on a delicate faux finish, but given that sticky situation, Diane Beard and partner Cindy Bramhall ignored the mercury and got to work. Along with that, they were at the mercy of the fits and spurts of a new construction project. “There were typical challenges such as needed drywall repair not completed by [the] start date,” said Beard. The homeowner was also the designer, which made it even more important to do the job according to spec. By working with the project manager, who was quick to resolve any issues, they got done in time – with stunning results.

An imaginative combination of the faux finishes with the lighting scheme added even more splendor than usual. “The house was a custom build done with interior decor in soft tones, with creamy whites and lots of crystals in the gorgeous lighting,” Beard described. Their part of the project included walls, furniture, and accessories – even a café table.

One of her favorite parts of the project, and one that took a lot of maneuvering, was the fireplace. “It required triple scaffolding, safety rails and outriggers,” said Beard. “The challenge was getting the glaze on evenly over 22 feet with no lap lines – in that 90-degree heat.” To complete the design, they troweled on a multi-layer soft aggregate plaster finish using two different plasters, then completed the finish with a very soft toning glaze to coordinate with the room furnishings.

Diane was especially excited by the opportunity presented in the master bath. “On the master bathroom barrel ceiling, we did a soft aggregate plaster layer followed by a warm sparkling glaze, which contained mica and metallic plaster to create a very shimmering effect,” she narrated. “After that, we made a custom vinyl masking pattern to coordinate with the lighting. We troweled on a creamy white metallic plaster, then topped it with shattered glass and crystal glitter. It is truly a star attraction in a breathtaking master bath suite!”

The café table, mentioned earlier, was refinished with a four-layer creamy gray finish, then coated for durability.

How did she do it? Training, study and products that allow her to showcase her talents. “My extensive training with Faux Effects products has proved to be tried and true, with superior products yielding superior results,” she said. “These elegant finishes truly enhance an already beautiful new home.”

Even the table has a decorative finish!
This wall involved access issues and safety precautions.

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