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Dan Ewing

Nampa, ID

In Plane Sight

The roof was painted under windy conditions in early morning hours.

An airline hangar might not be the most romantic job on the list, but if it’s gonna fly it still needs some expert attention. The view from above is particularly important from a plane’s eye view, and the managers at Boise Airport had a problem of peeling paint on the hangar’s standing seam roof. As more people move into what’s known as Treasure Valley, the airport’s had to ramp up its capabilities. It served a record 4 million passengers in 2019, so it’s definitely time to put on a good face. “They were concerned about the appearance when the owners or guests flew in. We were tasked with finding a product that would keep with the factory finish look,” said Dan Ewing, owner of the company that bears his name.

Even on a calm, sunny day there’s still a breeze at an airport, Ewing reported. He found that the best times for painting were 5-9 a.m.

Another issue, aside from getting up early, is adhesion – always a concern on prefinished roofing. Another concern with a large surface such as this is the temptation to slap on a coating and call it a day, but Ewing and crew gave it the same care and attention as they would any project. “We provided a very detailed cleaning due to dust, did lots of mechanical sanding and applied exceptional bonding primers,” he said. With so much roof to coat, we commend the company on its diligence.

An aerial view shows the scope of this project.
Half primed, half painted.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams DTM Bonding Primer
  • Sherwin-Williams Pro Industrial Water-based
  • Acrolon 100 Polyurethane