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Decorative and Faux Finishes

Sugar Land, TX

Adding Pizzazz

Fabulous finishes in the home theater.

This TOP JOB was in an already impressively decorated 20,000-square-foot home in Sugar Land, Texas. Decorative and Faux Finishes was hired to add even more pizzazz by filling it with custom-finished walls, ceilings and cabinets. There were a lot of features to wow the eye, and the duo of Cindy Howard and Dana DeBuck had to make sure all their work enhanced what was already in place. “The featured oval dome in the entry stairway area is an amazing background for the crystal chandelier,” says Howard. “The stair rails are accented with gilders pastes on the floral and leaf designs. The triple set of groin vault ceilings in the master bedroom are troweled with metallic plaster.”

They finished the master bath cabinets with metallic in two tones and Italian metallic plaster shimmering on the walls. Then they added special paint, plaster and metallic finishes to many other rooms of the house, on both the walls and ceilings, doing this exacting work under a time constraint and respecting the other trades that were working at the same time. That took some organization; it was important to coordinate scaffolding use with other contractors. A checklist available for all trades helped keep everyone on track.

If you’ve read several of these already, you’ll notice one common thread is the need to do top quality work under a tight deadline. Same here, says Howard. “The deadlines were tough, but we were able to fulfill our promises on time. We worked closely with the builder, designer and homeowners to make sure all work was done to their satisfaction, which they said we exceeded. Yay!” We couldn’t agree more… yay!

Lighting combines with finish for special effects.
The oval dome and crystal chandelier.

Key Products

  • Modern Masters Metallic Paints
  • Benjamin Moore & SherwinWilliams base coat paints
  • Gilders pastes
  • Golden Paintworks Glaze
  • Faux Effects products
  • Bella metallic plasters
  • Novacolor metallic plaster