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FineLine Contracting

Miami, FL

Not Just Fine, It’s Fendi Fine

Cut-in talents were put to the test in this colorful project.

Some amazing colors, which took a lot of cutting in – a lot of Fine Lines, if you will… and a real accomplishment to do all this cut and coverage in a 24/7 public place!

The project was to paint and prep the exterior walls of the Fendi store in the Miami Design District. Fendi is a highend retailer with Italian roots, selling designer apparel, accessories and leather goods. It prides itself on its exterior color: “Exposed brick walls and cement floors add a raw element to the store’s design in deliberate contrast with the opulence of textured design,” the company explains on its website. “The color-blocked façade and east exterior touts the brand’s commitment to the design world.”

One of the main challenges was mall traffic – an open-air mall with all-hour accessibility means you can’t even do a 3 a.m. paint job on the quiet. “We had to tape off our work area and be vigilant of pedestrians passing by,” said company owner Peter O’Neill. They still had to work at night, as they needed to wait until the Fendi store closed at 8 p.m. Along with keeping pedestrians paint-free, they had to protect the paved area around the store. A mix of ladders and scissor lifts helped them reach the high exterior ceilings.

They’re used to this, as they’ve painted the store five times; each time, they had about two nights to complete the work. It’s a very colorful process; past jobs have featured luminescent orange, Fendi yellow and bright pink, for example. “There are multiple columns that are tubular and square plus a lot of windows and various angles to cut in the colors,” said O’Neill. “Each new color scheme required priming previous work.”

This was the fifth time the company was hired to paint this upscale store.   This store is known for bright, bold colors.

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Aura Exterior primer and paint