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LVX Painting

Cincinnati, OH

A Life of LVX-ury

This white and black color scheme made a bold statement in a stately neighborhood.

Nestled in Anderson Township, an Ohio suburb just east of Cincinnati, the house was a pleasant, but boring suburban brick when LVX Painting was called to consult, says business owner Randall Reese. The homeowners presented him with a vision of a white brick house with black trim.

Since the brick was previously unpainted, changing the body of this house to white was a bold move – and you know what bold moves can provoke in an old-school neighborhood. Suddenly everyone who never spoke to you before is an expert on color. “We agreed that this would make a dramatic statement in their neighborhood,” said Reese. First, though, they needed to prep – imagine that! The brick was highly absorbent, he discovered, so the first step was to coat the entire house with Loxon masonry primer. It took a lot because the thirsty brick was drinking it down like cold brew on a hot afternoon.

“Sealing it this way not only required less finish paint, but also ensured that we were maximizing the life of the paint job,” said Reese. “A topcoat of SherwinWilliams Duration in pure extra white covered the brick, as well as an enclosed back porch that we painted inside and out.”

After that, time for some contrast, as the crew painted the windows and trim with tricorn black. “The homeowners were very happy with their updated but traditional look,” said Reese.

Does it matter what the neighbors think? It does when half a dozen of them ask for an estimate! It all goes to show that while white is often seen as a safe choice, it can still be a head turner in the right circumstances.

The brick, before the project began.
After the project, neighbors asked LVX for estimates.
The back porch.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Loxon Primer & Duration