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Michael Hines Painting

Ione, CA

Green Theme for the Scheme

Each building material got its own special shade of green.

A quick and simple paint job… except for water leakage, termite damage and accessibility. “The building was right off of Main Street in downtown Ione, so there was heavy traffic during working hours, the business was open, and the post office shared the parking lot at the rear of the building so we had their delivery/carrier traffic on that side,” said company owner Michael Hines.

The back wall had fallen victim to severe water leakage, and no one was quite sure where it was getting through. Meanwhile, in the front, the awning leaked during rainstorms. “We needed to gain access to the joint where the top of the awning met the wall, but the awning couldn’t support any weight so using a lift wouldn’t grant full access for repairs,” Hines says. “There was also some termite damage around the windows, and some dated rockwork on the front that the owner wanted to deal with.” OK, so it’s not a quick and simple paint job. Hines acted on a hunch that the leak was a result of decades of exposure – the wall didn’t have any kind of soffit or eave to protect it. His plan was to seal it, then seal it some more, and after that… well, you know the drill. “I suggested to the owner that we try a waterproofing sealer before pursuing more expensive options,” he said. Using an airless sprayer with a 1225 tip, they applied a very heavy coat of Seal-Krete to the exposed cement to help waterproof and strengthen some of the deteriorating substrate.

Then they applied a goodly coat of Kelly-Moore ElastaKote, an elastomeric, followed by one coat of Kelly-Moore Envy for increased color retention, spraying and then back rolling both coats to get an even film build. They put some flashing on top of the awning, added a few new lag bolts and patched some smaller screw holes in the roof.

“We followed that up with a clear bonding primer, then painted the top and bottom of the awning a very light green; the whole building was going to get painted with a new color scheme, starting with a green body color to stand out from the tan and yellow that surrounded it.” Four different tints of green were used in all; even the rockwork on the front got its own color. The building owner wanted to paint the rock but make sure it didn’t disappear into the rest of the building.

“We had to repair some termite damage around the front windows, and since the awning had been leaking, the varnish on the front door was in disrepair. We used our Festool RO 90 to remove it all before priming and painting them to fully change the front of the building,” said Hines. It took some work, but it’s dry, clean, and… green.

This storefront has been a landmark in downtown Ione.
First priority was fixing some leaks in the back wall.

Key Products

  • Kelly-Moore 1119 ElastaKote Acrylic Elastomeric
  • Kelly-Moore Envy
  • Festool Midi & RO 90
  • Seal-Krete Original
  • DAP Daptex Foam Sealant