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MTS Painting

Paradise Valley, AZ

Dry Heat Restoration

The interior walls had many small areas in need of repair.

This wasn’t “just a house,” it was a compound – MTS was on site to restore a 20,000-square-foot Spanish and Italian influenced property on Arizona’s scenic Camelback Mountain, complete with panic room, hidden stairways, elevators through secret openings and hinged bookcases, an air-conditioned barn, caretaker quarters, and a separate guest suite. The pool included diving walls, a swim-in grotto, a swim-up bar in a huge cabana, and a two-story corkscrew slide. Sounds like a great place for a reality show or a murder mystery – and the perfect grounds for a TOP JOB.

Social media came into play as client and contractor met through Yelp and slowly built up the trust to embark on the project; the MTS team worked alongside electricians and landscapers, everyone respecting each other’s space.

There was a lot of surface to paint: 250 sets of doors and windows in poor condition, wrought iron fencing in medium condition, interior oak beams, and Venetian plaster that needed lots of love, as it had hundreds of small patched areas with poor blending/matching, a few minor cracks and some areas that were touched up with paint. MTS consulted the local Sherwin-Williams rep to help ace the color match. The crew then had to adapt to the selected finish to keep their color mixing process consistent, plus everyone did some sleuthing of their own to seek out and repair the hundreds of small areas throughout the home.

More solutions were on the checklist:

  • The level 5 smooth drywall required skilled craftsmen to blend repairs and paint it without roller lines and hatbanding.
  • Painters and blasters had to have very intentional and light-touch skills – smaller workers got precedence – so as not to damage the “breathe and break” tile over the Mexican-style roof.
  • Application of colored synthetic stucco required well-trained and skilled technicians. The estimating/ sales team reported that the moisture-caused failures could not be touched up, and that corner to corner or natural break to natural break was the only way to get top notch results.
  • With the many ongoing scope and sequencing changes the owner desired, the foreman and project manager shared production notes frequently and recognized the urgency of each item to be repaired or coated.

“Because most of the landscaping and driveway pavers were removed for months, mud occasionally became an issue – luckily we’re in Arizona!” said the company.

Repair, then paint.
At work on the front entrance.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Cashmere, Harmony, SuperDeck, SuperPaint
  • Black Jack Permanent Patch 101
  • PPG Perma-Crete Pitt-Flex
  • National Coatings 2K Urethane
  • Permalac ClearCoat
  • American Clay Venetian Plaster, Craft ProForm trowels
  • Dryvit Freestyle
  • Sikaflex-1A