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Paint Track

Briarcliff Manor, NY

Wedding Prep

This exterior project included coating many different neglected building materials.

Paint Track was “on track” to renovate the exterior of a 7,000-square-foot house originally built in 1944, but which hadn’t been put to rights in about 45 years. Company owner Ray Rahni and crew completed an interior overhaul at the house in 2018. Then last summer, they went outside for a job that included carpentry repair and painting, with a roofer hired to fix up top. With the client’s in-home wedding already on the calendar, time was of the essence. He couldn’t very well say, “I didn’t,” when it was time to say, “I do.”

“This project is a great example of accommodating the client’s request for a quick turnaround without compromising quality and [the] safety of all parties involved,” said Rahni. “We met with the client’s designer, three separate roofing contractors and the clients to figure out a game plan.”

Usually, he said, it’s roof first, paint second, but with the time frame involved, they went the opposite way. “We decided to complete all carpentry repair, restoration and painting, then wrap the house so the roofers could do their job without messing up the freshly painted house,” said Rahni.

They made a lot of discoveries during prep. For example, they’d have to fix the rotting trim, fascia and siding – but first, repair the built-in box gutters that were causing the problem. Also, the soffits and ceilings over the walkways to the garage and around the house suffered from deteriorating plywood, which they would replace with Azek (PVC board) sheeting.

There was more discovery along the way. “The siding was knotty cedar, and after priming the surface, there were many large wood knots that were bleeding and causing a bubble,” said Ray. “We had to scrape and sand those wood knots below the surface and then fill them with our trusty two-part epoxy filler before priming again.” Along with that, Rahni’s carpenters put in over 220 hours replacing wood rot, fixing the box gutter system and reconfiguring the railing system. The weather wasn’t necessarily on their side, but Paint Track made use of the rainy days to power-wash and do some prep and wood repair. When it was time to paint, the weather started to cooperate.

They finished up on time and under budget – the estimated 950 hours landed in the high 800s, without sacrificing quality. When the clients said, “I do,” they could say, “we did.”

A look down an exterior walkway.   The project included a lot of carpentry hours along with painting.
The deck was power washed and stained.

Key Products

  • Festool sanders and dust extractors
  • Flex-Tech HV two-part wood repair epoxy,
  • Benjamin Moore Remove, Clean, Brighten, Fresh Start Primer, Arborcoat, Aura, DTM
  • Defy Extreme