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Precision Painting & Decorating

Utica, IL

Friends in High Places

Safety practices came into full effect when working around these features.

Painting over or around indoor swimming spaces is one of the hardest challenges a crew can face. Throw in working with timbers and cutting in with custom colors in high places, and the degree of difficulty amplifies. High humidity over a pool goes without saying (though we’re going to say it anyway), and along with that, in this instance, continuous high traffic made product selection especially critical.

Precision Painting was hired at Grizzly Jack’s Grand Bear Resort, described as a 24,000-square-foot indoor waterpark with play zones, slides, wave pool, lazy river and 15-person hot tub. “The biggest challenge on this project was accessing very tall areas and working around the pool,” said company president Aaron Moore. “With this being a water park, there were many complicated maneuvers needed to gain access while keeping the painters safe.” Working with the manufacturers to come up with the specs, they used specialty lifts from Denka, and had platforms constructed in the pool areas to be able to set up the lifts.

This wasn’t their first trip out there; Precision Painting had been contracted by Belfor Property Restoration to help put things back to rights after the heating unit caught fire the previous winter. “The project included a complete reroof and complex mechanical repairs before we could even begin our work,” Moore reported. “After that, PPD repainted the entire interior of the waterpark, including the pool deck, before handing it over for a grand re-opening.” Hopefully they got a free swim after they were done!

The mascot at the Grand Bear Resort.   When all was done, time for family fun.
Accessing the ceiling over the pool presented several challenges.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Waterborne Pre-Catalyzed Epoxy
  • Tuff Coat Rubberized Floor Coating