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Professional Painters

Riverside, IL

Tweaked to Match

This job included a lot of detail work and incredible color-matching skill and patience.

What do you do when your customer wants their colors to pop, but they’re not sure what “pop” means? You do a lot of painting and repainting until it’s just right. Professional Painters was awarded the job over a lower bid because of its upfront willingness to work with the client on color.

This residence, in Riverside, Illinois, is in a historic district of homes designed by very famous 19th-century architects. It was tall, so access was an issue, and since the homeowners had spent the last 10 years concentrating on the interior, the exterior had fallen into disrepair. “We put in the contract that if we needed aerial boom lifts, it would be an additional charge,” said Tony Severino, founder and company president. “This protected us from bidding in unnecessary costs, yet we still won the job. However, we were able to do the job with fully extended 40-foot ladders and very carefully and safely maneuvering them around the house.”

First everyone settled on a siding and trim color, then it was time for the accent, which the homeowners had to see “in action” in order to approve. “The only way to get the accent colors right was to completely paint a 20-foot section of soffit in the front of the house,” said Severino. “I thought we should bring in a color expert to confirm we were headed in the right direction and give the client confidence in our selections. The consultant came out and the client was delighted with the palatte, while still keeping our original siding color.”

After it was done… well, it wasn’t done. The client wanted to change the trim color. “The color changes and exploration went on for quite a long time,” said Severino. “I went to the site every day for two weeks working on color samples, and the painters had to repaint the same 20 feet of extremely detailed soffit three or four times until we got it right.” But if the trim color got tweaked, the siding or trim color had to get tweaked to match. After all these repaints, along with testing out 35 sample quarts, the client was… thrilled!

The company’s patience in the face of change won it a lot of praise, a TOP JOB award and a fabulous thank you. The client said, “Tony, you and your crew are without a doubt the best home service provider we have ever worked with. And with a 145-year-old home, we’ve worked with a lot!”

Lookin’ good for 145 years old!

Key Products

  • Abatron epoxy putty
  • Benjamin Moore alkyd long oil primer
  • Benjamin Moore Aura
  • DAP Dynaflex Ultra
  • Modern Masters Exterior Metallic
  • PPG ProLuxe
  • Pratt and Lambert stain
  • The Rot Doctor clear epoxy primer
  • Vitralite varnish
  • West System epoxy