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Renton, WA

Colorful Communication

Color schemes like this demanded excellent craftsmanship from the crew.

Behold – the amazing transformation of the McMenamins Elks Temple! Cooperation won the day here, as the company kept in close contact with the general contractor and the other trades to make sure they showed up at the right time and the right place. “This took extensive monitoring and flexing of manpower,” said President Jesse Ficks.

Color choice played a major role in the restoration, and sometimes the crew didn’t have final approval on colors until the day before it was time to paint… “and there were many, many colors to navigate,” Ficks said. “We overcame this obstacle through daily walks, rapid paint orders and creating multiple mockups at once.”

Jesse applauded the team for strong organizational skills. “We had to consider trade work going on in surrounding areas, surface and footage, time frame, material being applied, and the goal for the finish,” he added up. To meet the needs of the GC, the crew would often work in several areas of the building at the same time. They were never given a whole floor, let alone a whole area to complete, so they worked closely with the contractor to prep or paint when any space was available.

Working with these intense colors, coupled with the need for sharp transitions, demanded experienced, qualified painters. “We needed skilled craftsmen with high-level brush skills and steady hands to ensure clean lines between all the color transitions on this job,” said Ficks. “We were also covering new and old surfaces – often within the same room – and steady hands were needed to ensure quality with multiple colors across varied surfaces.”

As you can see, the transformation is spectacular.

The temple exterior.
A look at the finished project.
The crew makes sure to protect the fixtures.

Key Products

  • Sherwin-Williams Solo, SuperPaint, ProMar
  • Rust-Oleum Hammered
  • Rodda Paint Unique II