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Greenwich, Connecticut

European American Decorative Painting

O Treabă Extraordinară – Great Job
Reviving detailed architecture on a luxury home

The client was thrilled with the upgrade to his home.

10,434, count ’em, square feet – this luxury home had ornaments and architectural specialties on the upside, then peeling paint and wood rot on the down. It was a lot of house, so everything they did was on a grand scale. The job entailed prepping and painting chimneys, dormers, trim, ornaments, dentil moldings, windows, wood panels, French doors, entry doors, wood bannisters, iron railings, stucco and shutters. Whew! Much of it was at a significant height, so safety harnesses and other fall protection measures were put into play.

The crew began by removing mildew from all the trim around the house. They then scraped peeling paint and sanded the details and ornaments, and after that spent time repairing or replacing the rotting wood. Only then was it time to prime, caulk, and paint. The detail was daunting, said company owner Peter Suciu. Once they scaled the heights of the house, there were those windows, wood panels, chimneys, and dormers that needed extra attention from odd angles. Along with painting, they stained the wood siding.

Suciu, in business since 1987, is nothing if not experienced. He learned painting in Romania, where he quickly rose from apprentice to became one of the country’s most famous church painters. He’s experienced in teaching the craft to new painters. This TOP JOB is a perfect example of the quality he has to offer, accounting for his long-time reputation for providing o treabă extraordinară.

“We were privileged to paint one of the biggest residential homes and were very proud to make the client happy,” said Suciu.

This job involved a lot of off the ground detail work.
A crew member accesses the second story

Key Products

  • Flex-Tec
  • California Paints Trouble Shooter Primer, Semi Gloss Finish
  • Benjamin Moore Armor Coat, Moorglo