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La Grange Park, IL

Precision Painting & Decorating Corp.

Give the Crew a LIft
Church project with high ceilings

The chapel is ready to be put back into service – for the services.

The company didn’t see it as a challenge so much as an opportunity – Precision Painting and Decorating relished the chance to get inside and up high at the Congregation of St. Joseph. “We had to access extremely tall ceilings and protect the pipe organ and stained glass windows,” said PPD president Aaron Moore. Much of the prep had to do with surface protection, and the team kept the structure pristine throughout the project – the last thing anyone needs is sanding dust inside a pipe organ. As usual with churches, they had to work quickly and quietly as the chapel needed to be open for services on weekends.

With all the lifts wheeling around, they first put plywood down to protect the floors. “We utilized a ‘Denka’ lift that could fit through a narrow doorway, and then outriggers were placed to reach the tall ceilings,” he said. “We built containment and completely masked all delicate surfaces.”

Important to the job was keeping in touch. Using Fieldlens, a mobile communication platform, the team members could let each other know what was done during the day, how things were left at the end of the day, plans for tomorrow, and they could post photos so everyone could track the progress.

“This was a neat project because of the history of the church and the extremely high ceilings inside the sanctuary,” said Moore.

Plywood protected this floor from damage by the heavy lifts needed to reach the ceiling.
A lot of care went into protecting the surfaces, including the pipe organ and stained glass windows.
It was important to keep paint and dust out of the pipes.

Key Products

  • Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 200