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Independence, OH

Snyder Bros Painting

Bartender, Pour Me a Triple
Fine dining repaint during COVID Lockdown

The dining area gets a spectacular makeover.

Scheduling during the busy season is always tricky, and Snyder Bros. worked as hard on its calendar as on its painting when the scope of work on this project tripled while the deadline remained the same.

With their restaurant empty due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the owners of Lockkeepers, a well-known fine dining establishment in Independence, Ohio, decided to embark on a full renovation. Snyder Bros. was one of several trades brought in to effect the change. “We painted the entire interior of the building including walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and bar millwork. We also refinished woodwork throughout, refinished all the chairs and barstools, hung new wallcoverings, refinished the acoustic ceiling tiles grid, and refinished the wood floor in the bar area,” said company owner Alan Snyder. As you can see, the wood finishing takes on a starring role in many of the rooms.

Getting the work done on time became more precarious as the project grew (and grew) in size. Along with painting skills, Snyder credits communication and organization as the reason for their success. “We were able to overcome each new challenge we faced throughout by engaging in continuous detailed communication,” he said. “We kept in touch with our crew ensuring we had detailed work orders for each aspect of the project, and we worked closely with the design team and the GC to offer solutions and suggestions regarding the products and finishes for this impressive space.”

Keeping everyone COVID safe was a priority, and the team used plenty of 3M N95 respirators to make sure the crew and the other tradespeople could operate in a safe working environment. Three months and over 1,000 labor hours later, the project was complete and met the high standards the owners of this establishment required. Outstanding work combined with outstanding project management earn this a TOP JOB.

A lot of wood staining went into the renovated bar
“Top flight” overview of the project.


  • Sherwin Williams: Duration Home, Pro Industrial Water Based Alkyd Urethane, Pro Industrial Multi-Surface Acrylic
  • DuraSeal Polyurethane, BAC Wiping Stains, Minwax
  • Graco, Zipwall