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Eagle, Idaho

Adam Roe Painting

High-End Collaboration
Painting a large luxury apartment complex

The flexibility of the crew went a long way towards the success of this project.
The Clara had 277 residential units that needed painting inside and out.

The Clara Apartments provided Adam Roe Painting with a great opportunity for several reasons. First, it was a big job — a three-story multi-family apartment complex with 277 residential units. The assignment included painting the rooms, corridors, stairwells, hollow metal doors, railings, common areas, parking structures and on from there. Second, all this surface area gave the company a chance to tighten up its systems. “Projects such as this provide opportunities for us to create and maintain systems that allow us to standardize quality control, training and expedited scheduling procedures that help us improve our company’s efficiencies,” said VP Risa Roe.

The company is rightfully proud of its success. “ARP excelled in the role of project painter, a daunting effort for this expansive complex,” said Roe. “We were the only painting contractor on the project, which spanned the entire complex, both inside and out.” The work was done as part of a bigger organization called Roundhouse, a Boise-based real estate operator specializing in investments, development and property management that had put together a team of contractors to collaborate on this high-end complex named after Clara Aikens, the daughter of the city’s founder

The project started right along with the COVID-19 pandemic, so from the first dip into the bucket, the company had to learn new protocols and strategies to keep everyone safe. It became difficult to keep the same crew on the job, as when someone tested positive or even felt sick, they had to be put on leave (with pay). The project manager had to leave his position due to COVID19, and the next moved his whole family out of state, so the project was managed by the field supervisor along with company president Adam Roe. “Despite all the internal changes, we were able to stay on track and deliver a great project,” said Roe. “Having excellent quality control and highly trained field personnel kept this project on track, even in the worst of conditions.”

Roe also credits smart use of technology to keep the gears turning. “We have a great software program called Workglue, which allowed us to easily document, share information and see exactly how many hours were spent on each building,” she said. “That way, we could tell if we were on track and what we needed to do to streamline processes to get there or make up time.” The repetitive nature of painting so many apartments, doors, walls and windows made it a fertile training ground for new employees, so this award-winning project is also a great kickoff into the future.

The clubhouse interior had many different building materials to coat.
The exterior presented the challenge of matching several different substrates.

Fernando Salas, Beronica Diaz, Roger McFadden, Rica Reyes, Jayme Sackett, Marley Ramirez

Key Products

  • Miller Paint, interior and exterior
  • Kelly-Moore Paints, interior and exterior
  • PPG primer