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Dix Hills, New York

Arlene McLoughlin Mural Studio

Go for the Gold
This decorative project included a lot of detail and gold leaf

The entire house was filled with stencils and decorative finishes.

Arlene Mcloughlin is no stranger to TOP JOB, and she’s no stranger to painting large decorative projects on high, expansive ceilings. This job, located in Dix Hills in the central part of Long Island, was no exception. “This large project entailed a main foyer, dining room, living room and den area,” she listed. ” The client installed beautiful ornamental moldings throughout and wanted gold leaf accents on all areas. The dining room had a full coverage gold application, along with a hand-painted chinoiserie mural — chinoiserie is a European imitation of Chinese artistic traditions, not only in the decorative arts but also music, literature, garden design and more. Finally, the foyer got faux finishes and a custom stencil throughout.

The results are amazing. All that gold leaf is part of a magnificent yet peaceful backdrop for dining, entertaining or just hanging out at home. But it took some time. “The miles of linear footage on these moldings were tremendous!” said Mcloughlin. “The majority were painted where they were installed, so it was back-breaking when applying the gold leaf overhead on all the ornamental areas for days on end.”

In order to take care of her client, she had to take care of herself. As there was a lot of repetitive motion involved over a long schedule, Mcloughlin took frequent breaks to make sure she could complete the job safely. She also used a wide variety of brands to get the different looks the project required. Truly, this is some beautiful work.

Mcloughlin spent many, many hours putting gold leaf on the ceiling.
Chinoiserie in the dining room.
A look at the detail on the staircase.
This stencil pattern, along with this ornamental molding, was used throughout the house

Arlene Mcloughlin, Designer - Karen Ferreyra Interiors

Key Products

  • Modern Masters pale gold
  • Rust-Oleum Gold Mirror Effect
  • Faux Effects AquaGlaze
  • Benjamin Moore Regal Select
  • Golden Artist acrylics