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Oceanside, California


No Feathers Ruffled
Installing three stories of wallpaper in a tight space

The final installation was 22' 8" high from ground floor to fourth-floor ceiling and 25' 6" wide from inside corner to inside corner.

Michael Baughman is a master of wallpaper installation; in this case, he was called on to put up custom art graphic wallcovering on three floors of a townhouse entry wall up to the fourth-floor ceiling. The project took two installers three days and 48 total hours.

It was a tight squeeze, and since this was the only street entry to the townhouse, the client wanted it done quickly. Compromises were necessary. “The client did not want to have the wall smoothed and coated with drywall compound to a level 5 drywall finish,” said Baughman. “They did not have the time or want the mess. Our answer was to use Cavalier heavy-duty wall liner. We applied a coat of Roman’s PRO-774 clay-based adhesive directly to the wall to help fill the voids in the drywall texture. Then we pasted the wall liner by hand using the Roman claybased adhesive and applied it to the textured drywall. We then allowed the Cavalier liner to dry overnight.”

Another issue was the entryway itself; with 77 inches of space, operating with a 74-inch scaffold was tricky. “Any time anyone had to go out the front door, the scaffolding had to be rolled against the opposite wall to allow the door to open,” said Baughman. “We placed the scaffolding against the opposite wall at night with wheels locked so the client had access in and out of their townhouse.” Meanwhile, all the other equipment had to be staged outside, since there was no space available inside the entry or on the narrow staircase. Back inside, there was a big overhead chandelier, which they lifted carefully and secured with a carabiner to shorten the chain, then tied back with rope to make room for the scaffolding.

Finding room for the pasting table was a challenge as well. “Space was tight, so we had to move exercise equipment, awards and boxes to make room to work in the garage, one floor down from the entry,” said Baughman.

Finally, they got to install the wallcovering, a gorgeous expansive peacock feather design. “Fliepaper wallcovering was printed to fit the wall and window openings, and since there was no extra wallcovering available for the inside of the five window frame insets, the inset edges were painted a color selected by the designer to closely match the wallcovering base color,” said Baughman. “The wallcovering was trimmed carefully to protect painted insets, side walls, ceiling and wood floor. As the graphic wallcovering was installed, we cleaned it with damp microfiber towels and dried it with fresh, dry microfiber towels. Then we did a final cleaning of the full installed graphic wallcovering.”

This photo shows the tight space involved, which made for some interesting and careful equipment maneuvers.
Baughman used floor protection to keep the scaffold from scuffing it up.
The completed project made quite a change from the white walls!

Michael Baughman, C.P., Jonah Travisano

Key Products

  • Zinsser Gardz primer
  • Fliepaper wallpaper, Peacock pattern
  • Roman PRO-774 clay-based adhesive
  • Cavalier heavy-duty wall liner
  • Boggess polycarbonate double cutting tape
  • Euni-tools stainless steel trim guides
  • Perry scaffolding