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Columbus, Ohio


Color Change-up
Installing an artistic wall finish brought an unused space to life

After experimenting and layering different products and techniques based on the original lighter finish, Antje Chenoweth came up with the perfect accent wall for her clients.

Of all the reasons to repaint, this one seems one of the most unusual yet the most reasonable: the clients weren’t using the room and hoped that a really cool decorative finish would revive their interest in the space. Antje Chenoweth, owner of Bellallusions Decorative Finish Studio, was really excited by the prospect. “When I meet a new client, my goal is to create a unique finish for them that fits their décor and personality but also is on trend and maybe pushes them a bit out of their comfort zone – and will become a design element they will cherish for years to come.”

She enjoys creating and developing new design ideas, and she had recently come up with a finish for her own bedroom. “I envisioned it to be a statement … organic, abstract and blurred like a watercolor painting, but still structured, linear, modern yet timeless — a piece of art not just for canvas but for the entire wall,” she said. It took a few tries, but she finally got what she wanted. “I love working with plasters. They allow me to layer and create depth no paint can match,” said Chenoweth. “The finish features offwhite and light gray plasters paired with metallic gold and charcoal gray accents and several tinted wax layers.”

While she may have been partial to this decorative wall treatment, Antje showed her client several other options as well. As luck would have it, the client was looking for something exactly like what Chenoweth had for herself, just much darker. Turns out with a finish like this, however, you can’t just use another color and get the same effect. Antje had to change pace.

“The challenge was to create a new custom finish based on the original technique in a different color scheme, then to make the change still retain the “wow’, depth and essence of the original finish,” she said. “When adjusting a finish from light to dark, often it means changing up the order of layers and might even mean a complete swap out of products — not just changing the colors. Finding the right combo can take a bit of exploring and testing on sample boards. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

In this case, it did. “The install went smoothly, and soon after, I received a message with a photo of them sharing wine with their friends in the room, saying, ‘We love using this space! Thanks so much again for making it look awesome!!’” she reported. “I am now working with their neighbors on creating samples for several of their spaces, which of course is the biggest compliment.”

With the previous color scheme, the clients had lost interest in using the room.
In progress photo: layering the finish.
The original finish concept; the clients then requested a darker version.

Antje Chenoweth

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