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Phoenix, Arizona

Brasberrys Painting

Early Start
Brassberrys beats the heat at 4:30 a.m.

Nick Brassfield, the company superintendent, paints the 60-foot-high sign outside the Goodwill offices.

Brassberry’s Painting of Mesa, Arizona, was hired for an exterior repaint of the Goodwill Corporate Center, a two-story commercial building right off Interstate 17 in Phoenix. Along with the building itself, the project included lampposts, a parking structure, perimeter walls and a 60- foot-high monument. The job presented a good share of challenges, which gave Brassberrys the opportunity to present the client with a good share of solutions.

Paintwise, the current coating was chalking and failing; plus while much of I-17 is known as a scenic drive, this part of it isn’t. There was freeway pollution on the building from thousands of cars and trucks showering it with exhaust. It took over 150 hours of pressure washing to clean it; then they hired a window cleaner to deal with the paint residue that was covering the glass as a result of the wash.

Next, it was hot outside — it’s Phoenix, after all — and this made the substrates run even hotter. The team did its prep the day before the painting, then got to work early. A typical day here ran from 4:30 to 10:30 a.m., so they could clock out just in time for a late breakfast.

There was a lot of rusted metal on the parking structure. Again, a lot of prep. “We had to grind, scrape, sand and prime with rust-inhibiting primers prior to painting,” said company president Carole Anderson.

Finally, they took the safety of the crew and the office workers into consideration, as there was a lot of foot traffic in the area and they were working very close to the freeway. “We worked off-hours and weekends, put out safety cones, and always had a person on the ground,” said Anderson.

We’re glad to see this project earned them a TOP JOB and a lot of … goodwill.

The finished project.
Heading up to the second floor.
The crew spent over 150 hours pressure washing as part of the prep.


Carole, Nick, Giulmar, Javier, Angel, Hector

Key Products

  • Zinsser primers
  • Dunn Edwards Evershield, AristaShield, Ultra-Grip primer