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Denali Mountain, Alaska

Cambell Painting

Getting There Is Half the Fun
Painting a chalet on an isolated mountain

The Sheldon Chalet sits on Denali Mountain, which makes getting to work an adventure in itself

It paints a lonely picture; the Sheldon Chalet, as it’s called, sits exposed to the elements in the midst of glaciers and snow-swept mountains, affording some spectacular views to Marnie Sheldon and her family. She wanted the interior views to be beautiful as well, so after consulting several contractors, she awarded the full interior repaint job to Campbell Painting of Anchorage.

The prep started weeks ahead of time, as the team had to make sure they’d have enough paint, materials and food to last throughout the weeklong project. There would be no way to contact the home office or run to the paint shop or grocery store if they ran out.

The first challenge was just getting there. The paint was delivered by helicopter right to the chalet to avoid having to carry buckets a long distance in the snow — Marnie had done that herself one time and wanted to spare the crew that agony. Then it was time to fly up the guys and supplies. “We had to drive two hours north to a town called Talkeetna, fly in a bush plane another hour and land on Ruth Glacier on the backside of Denali Mountain, then hike up 30 minutes to get to our jobsite,” said Campbell. It took several trips in the cold and snow to get their materials to home base.

“It was a full interior repaint, including all walls, ceilings and trim,” said Campbell, adding that all the paint was donated by Benjamin Moore. They started on the top floor, and once that was complete, went down to the first. “We had to stay on-site because there was nowhere else to go. The Sheldon Chalet let us use their kitchen to cook all our meals.” They took time to enjoy the scenery; one day the crew got a late start, as they spent much of the night before looking at the northern lights.

It’s also a tribute to a smooth-running home office. Ben would have no contact with them for the week spent on the project, but the staff in Anchorage kept everything on track.

The project involved a lot of detail work.
Break time! Taylor, James and Ross take a quick rest outside.
The crew got a late start one morning, as they had stayed up to enjoy the view out the window.


Ben Campbell, Taylor Knack, James Lorec, Ross Houle

Key Products

  • Benjamin Moore Scuff-x