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Seattle, Washington

Coast To Coast

Back to 1914
Historic kitchen addition and remodel

The customer sourced period cabinets from all around the United States.

Most people like to modernize their home, but this client wanted to keep to the look of the historic era when this Seattle home was built in 1914. Cabinets were not typical in homes until the 1920’s, so there were no original existing cabinets in the kitchen from this time period, and the kitchen had not been updated in decades. The clients were able to source cabinets from the late 20’s to keep in line with this historical time.

They went on a challenging quest to find and piece together cabinet pieces from all across the US so that the kitchen would look brand-new, yet keep in line with the historical feel of this time period.

When the clients approached Lewis Johnson, the owner of Coast to Coast Painting Plus, for this project, he knew Coast to Coast Painting was the right company for this job. “We were able to work alongside master carpenters who custom cut, modified, tweaked, and completely customized cabinets from the various old pieces. We used architectural epoxies and fillers for old hardware and hinge holes, and with precise Festool and hand sanding, we finetuned every piece to achieve the oldworld look.”

“All primer and paint were applied by hand with detailed sanding between each coat. Besides the specialty repairs, we custom matched stain and finish to the existing door jams to create clean, super-sharp transitions from the painted kitchen to the stained adjacent rooms.”

As with many successful projects over the past 20 years, Johnson feels that “it’s not only about the right products and tools for the job, but having an experienced, knowledgeable crew with a positive attitude. That combined with clear and constant communication, leads to phenomenal results”. The End Result — A one of a kind New-Old kitchen!

The customer sourced period cabinets from all around the United States.
Meticulous attention to details, hand-priming and finishing
Meticulous attention to details, hand-priming and finishing
The finished product: reclaimed wood block, stripped, and re-finished.


Jacob Slatten, Lewis Johnson, Johnny Serwatka, Steven Schneider

Key Products

  • XIM Extender
  • Benjamin Moore
  • Festool
  • Trimaco X-Board
  • Flex-Tec Architectural Epoxy
  • Wooster Brushes